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WTO Internship

PT真人:World Trade Organization

岗位领域:经济管理 工作性质:实习

学历要求:本科及以上 岗位职级:其他

工作地点:Geneva 截止日期:31 December , 2020




TheWTO Secretariat maintains a limitedinternship programme for post-graduateuniversity students wishing to gainpractical experience and deeper knowledge ofthe multilateral trading system.Only a limited number of such internship postsis available.

As part of theinternship programme, we also offerthe WTO Accessions InternshipProgramme 
(,sponsored bythe Government of China, within the framework of the MOU on the"China'sLDCs and Accessions Programme" established in July 2011. Fourinternshippositions are available on an annual basis under this Programme.

Interestedcandidates should follow the proceduresand conform to the eligibility criteriaset out below.

Intake to theprogramme is on a continuing basis,with no specific recruitment period. Thereis no opening or closing date 



Assignmentsgiven to interns areintended to enhance interns' knowledge and understanding ofthe WTO and oftrade policy more generally. However, the needs of the Divisionrecruiting anintern will be paramount in determining the precise nature ofassignments.



Internsare recruited from among nationalsof WTO Members state.

Interns willhave completed their undergraduatestudies in a relevant discipline (e.g.economics, law, political science,international relations), and shall havecompleted at least one year of theirpostgraduate studies.

The minimum agefor an intern shall be 21 years andthe maximum age 30 years.

A roster ofsuitable candidates is maintained fromwhich interns are selected. In additionto the regular internship programme, theneed may also arise to recruit internsat short notice for particular tasks.These recruits will also be drawn fromthe roster. Names will not be maintainedon the roster for longer than oneyear.


ContractTerms and Conditions

Paidinterns receive a daily allowanceof CHF 60 (including week-ends and officialholidays falling within theselected period). No other remuneration of any kindshall be paid.

Internships takeplace in Geneva, Switzerland only.Travel expenses to and from Geneva cannot bepaid by the WTO, and such travel isnot covered by the Organization'sinsurance. Interns are also responsible fortheir own insurance cover forillness and accidents while they are working atthe WTO.

The WTO may alsoemploy unpaid interns funded fromexternal sources.

Internships aregenerally of a duration of up to 24weeks, the length of the internshipdepending on the project the interns isrequested to work on, and on the needsof each Division. The granting of aninternship does not entail in any way theright to an extension thereof nor to avacancy in another part of theSecretariat. Interns may nevertheless apply toexternal vacancies. Internshipscan start at any time during the year.

An internshipcan be terminated by the WTOSecretariat or by the intern with one week'snotice.

The Director responsiblefor an intern will writean evaluation report at the end of the internship, andthe intern will also berequired to evaluate the internship. Both evaluationswill be placed on file.

An agreementwill be established between the internand the Director of the Human ResourcesDivision, specifying the conditions ofservice and details of any remuneration.

Interns aretreated like secretariat staff membersduring their stay insofar as theirobligations, in particular with regard toconfidentiality.